Friday, December 4, 2009

2010 World Cup Draw

Here are the videos (sound might be a bit low but the picture is good)

If you haven't see the videos or know the results, spoilers are below!

Pictures of the Groups:

You could hear the gasps in the crowd when both Cote D'Ivoire and Portugal went into Brazil's Group. South Africa is also unlucky to draw both Mexico and France, arguably the top teams in their respective Pots.

American fans didn't get Group A but must be fairly pleased to be in with weaklings Algeria and Slovenia. Even though Bradley is not impressed.

Italy and Spain in absolute cupcake groups. Should be easy.

Here's the bracket for the 2nd round.

Assuming it's chalk and the top seeds win their groups:

South Africa (A) VS B2
England (C) VS D2
Holland (E) VS F2
Brazil (G) VS H2

would be the top half

Argentina (B) VS A2
Germany (D) VS C2
Italy (F) VS E2
Spain (H) VS G2

would be the bottom half

Bottom half seems stronger at the moment.

If you finish 2nd you move to the other side of the draw.

Some juicy 2nd round matches possible like


More analysis from ESPN

And Skysports

What are your thoughts of the draw? How did your favourite country fare?

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