Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Check Your Head

Seriously? Stomping on the guy who just scored on you? Bush league.


  1. Are your sure he stomped on him. Wicks is a hot head and should not have been near Montero but I don't think he actually touched him and I think Montero was acting. None of the angles on TV were very good.

    Also how can the fourth official make that call. His angle was no good. If Wicks missed him and Montero starts rolling around, that is a bad decision.

  2. Agreed. No idea how the fourth official saw that.

    However, Wicks should not have been anywhere near him. The goal had long since gone in the net. Don't put yourself in the position to have the call made against you.

    If Montero was acting he deserves more than the two games Eduardo just received from UEFA.