Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eduardo The Diving Cheat

Celtic players are furious and want UEFA to punish Eduardo for his blatant dive in their Champions League Qualifier on Wednesday night. As you can see in the slow motion video, the keeper didn't touch him. Did you think it was a dive at full speed. Did anyone watch it live and yell "Penalty" only to fell guilty later? The commentator seemed to know right away there was no contact.

So waht does UEFA do? Either the ref or Eduardo has to be punished right? The ref for making an error or Eduardo to diving. What do you think UEFA will do?


  1. Wow....that's pretty egregious. I mean, Arsenal dominated the game, but the first goal is alwasy the most important, so if they go into the half at nil-nil you never know.

  2. What can FIFA do to help eliminate diving in the game? Have two refs on the pitch? Give straight reds for dives? Instant replay? It just makes the game as a whole look bad when you see players like Eduardo or Cristiano Ronaldo being rewarded for dives.

  3. Straight reds! Great idea. Good name for a soccer blog, too.

    I can understand the self-preservation involved in avoiding a nasty collision with the keeper, but it was a despicable dive. Eduardo realized he didn't have the shot, and just left his feet. I'd love to see him out for this weekend's match against Man U, but I think UEFA, not FA will have the authority to discipline him for this.